Thumbnail Help! pls

I already created a Thumbnail for OWO 3 but i want to see someone else create a different Thumbnail for it

Game: One Way Out 3: The Last Stand


okay i can work on it tommarow… give me more info on gameplay and is it published?
so i can check and play to know about it.

It is published @Legobuilder

okay ill check it out and make one when i can…just keep in mind, it might take a bit.

Access it here:

You can’t find it in GKC Discovery

If you can than that’s great!


One suggestion, maybe put more gims on the thumbnail?

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i wouldn’t mind making a thumbnail for you, but can you please give me a quick description on what the game is about? or at least let me know what you’d like the thumbnail to look like.

Ok did what @Cellofive told me


Basically you go deeper in the Plant’s ship(From owo 2) and you destroy everything in your sight

Maybe add 3 after One way out @THEHACKER120

this is my first thumbnail ever so tell me if you like it

and when you publish your game can you put credit to @GIMKIT.CREATIVE ( me )


wouldn’t it make sense to use wooden wands as that what the sentries use in one way out?

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yea my bad as i sad in my post its my first time making a thumbnail so its not perfect

you did good
I suggest drawing apps like kleki with them you can add extra details like more of a face

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did you make this bc if you did it looks nice!