Thumbnail Great Wall of china! [don’t reply]

Can someone make me a Great Wall of china in gimkit thumbnail?
It could also be a promotional poster…

  1. Gims included: chomps, airhart and the penguin gim.strong text

I can! But, I am working on another one right now, so… do you need it done now?

Ok, cool!

You can do it whenever you want :slight_smile:

this brings flashbacks of the great wall of china guide

You mean my Great Wall of china guide? :melting_face:

There were 2
Screenshot 2024-04-23 5.12.57 PM
But… I took a quick look at them. They are both really cool!

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I made the top one! :grinning:

@I_Like_Props made the second because people had problems with the original

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What was so bad about the original?

Awe… they did… that’s disappointing that they hated that. :frowning_face:

you advertised a great wall of china but you only had general ideas that applied to every map and there was no art me and I_Like_Props were chatting about it and she proposed the idea of making one that had actual art

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What do you mean?

That is what someone said… I aint gonna say who but I say it is sad that some people didn’t like it… No offence but I guess I kinda understand why…

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Yours was more about quests, and mine was just building the Great Wall of China.

  1. I was not advertising
  2. It was supposed to be a guide that would give you generall pointers (nothing crazy)
  3. I added basic Great Wall of china ideas and a set of wall and floor tiles to use.

yall this is getting off topic :sweat_smile:
yes ive been reading along…


Exactly! :wink:

so say it’s about quests or how to make your map better there was more of that than a wall

But then why did you add the Great Wall of China part…? I don’t think that was needed. Btw I’ll make a thumbnail for you