Thumbnail for WorldBrawl Penultimate vote: NOW, Ultimate vote: 1st MAY 2024

The WorldBrawl vote

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I already have a thumbnail and it is on discovery but I updated the map and I don’t think it fits anymore although full credit to @jaythesweat for making the original thumbnail.
Here is the original thumbnail:
No one copy my map or my thumbnail, that is PLAGIARISM a lot of people looking at this probably don’t know what that means.
Well it means: Stealing
Screenshot 2024-04-21 14.55.31
Thumbnail MUST be in by 28/4/2024 14:00 BST
Poll will start 1/5/2024
if you’re american 5/1/2024
It will be open for 2 DAYS

I remember this one
I miss the days of the thumbnail wiki

and finally not someone who says it needs to be better

more details would help

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You can play the map to see how it looks but basically it is a battle royale kind of map with 5 different areas: a spaceship taken over by plants, a frozen lake, a blastball area, a coral reef and a castle.
They each have their own bosses ,except for the coral reef, such as: a king and some guards for the castle, some evil plants for the spaceship, a champion and plant king(king of space) for the spaceship, a vortex and echo agent for the blastball area. I would like the map to have all the areas and maybe the bosses.

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if possible remove the
Screen Shot 2024-04-21 at 10.16.00 PM

Sorry I can’t remove that, I was sent the thumbnail like that.

I can try to make you an new one but I will take a while…

I know, I am not rushing anyone, take as long as you like.

Does it have to be photoshopped or can I do hand drawn? I will try to have it done by the end of the day. Photoshop will be quicker, but hand drawn will be more quality for me.

You can do whatever you want but at the end I will probably do a poll to decide whuch one I should use.

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The thumbnail entry from me will be done and uploaded by 8:00 EST.

I might do it no promised dates though
my schedule has been less flexible lately

The poll will probably happen in a week or so

Alright, here is my entry:

(Note this is not a screenshot hence why it is not straightened this is on my drawing tablet but the words being like that adds depth and I like it.)


dang… how am I suppose to beat that!

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That Evil Eye is really good @th3_ca1tsune. You deserve a banana.

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Honestly I think there is a bit of room for improvement so if you just manage to get people to like it a tiny bit more, also if I can decide who’s is better the poll might not happen!!
So, what you need to do is just get yours better in my veiw.

This needs some straightening and gap filling but after that you might have already won depending on what others do.

How many people are making a thumbnail?

I BELIEVE IN YOU @chrysostom

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