Thumbnail for my map

@GimNo0b here is what I was talking about.

I was talking about making a thumbnail for my map and which I didn’t have enough time to respond due to it closing out on me.

I wanted a map that said

Gimkit TDM (I saw that u asked what TDM meant which means Team Deathmatch)

Which hasd the characters

  1. Reinkle
  2. Spyde
  3. Carver Costume
  4. Frostington
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Gee, sorry no one replyed. Maybe @MirMirCreates @Foxy @Blizzy @THEHACKER120 could help, Im out.

@dx7h I could help. So it’s two Gims on each team?

Don’t forget @I_Like_Props @VoidFluffy @M1dnight @M13TheCreator and @bob6000 !


Everyone I’ m sorry if this is off topic but the newest GImkit game mode is out

Thank you I forgot what TDM means even if I was playing it split screen while on the forum. :smile:

Well now their in the convo.

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I’ll try to make one.

@dx7h so just TDM text the gims but what BackGround? and what are they doing…

yes two gims n each side

Do you want the thumnail to say “tdm” or " teamdeath match"?

I’ll help, or try my best at least. Hold on…

Heres what i made

This is what I made:

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Why is everybody pinging me?
I will decide myself if I want to do art for a children’s game.
I have better things to do, even art related.

SAD is a good artist

ill get to work once im out of India on the 15th

I can also create one… I just need to have some images of the gims because I don’t have them… :<

We thought you were a good artist and wanted to bring this to your attention. I didn’t know you didn’t like being pinged, and I won’t do it again, but this game is not a children’s game. It literally has death in the name.


thanks for the artwork sorry I haven’t been active here I have just been busy with school work ty @SAD and @GimNo0b for the artwork appreciate it <3

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