Thumbnail for my game


Thanks! I fixed it.

good, imagine the chaos would happen if I didn’t correct that! All of a sunnden you get meanies saying bad stuff

Yep. We definitely don’t want that to happen.

@GlM please thumbnail

It’s almost ready! Also did you want the title to be TF2?

Also did you want the thumbnail to be the gims fighting or teaming like what some_kid did?

I can try one! My previous work is in this Canva. I’ve been trying to get Fanartist in the GK Awards so… yeah

@GIM I want like what some_kid did

I just need the title! It’s called Team Fortress 2 right?

Hey, you guys, we aren’t supposed to request thumbnails anymore. It’s not related to building in GKC, and could be considered off-topic.

I think we should just get the thumbnails and stop.

This is old, before the “no thumbnail” posts even happened, so I’m going to finish what I started.

I know, that’s why I included :

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Hypocrisy on the Forums [click @CringeKarlScott’s link to read the guide] - #190 by qfw halo there

Title of the game?? boo!

lol you got it bro this will be fun

Thumbnails aren’t allowed in the forums.

You can finish it I don’t care but we need to stop all of these.

wdym are they banned?

They’re all deciding that it’s not a good idea for thumbnails to be allowed on the forum anymore. Because of how much clutter it causes and all the commotion it might cause.