Thumbnail for my game

I need a thumbnail for my game ( it is TF2 based)

Details pls.

What gims do you want, where do you want them, etc.

ya we need details to get the best one made

I am still deciding I will tell you in like 10 minutes


So anyways I had an idea where there are 4 gims
2 will be red

2 will be blue

The Creative Gim?

Yeah I tried searching for Blu gims but he was like 2nd that I found instead of the default blue

Like this

But gimkit.

@some_kid Sure why not

I don’t make thumbnails, just providing reference image.

Yeah just like this but with gims

Yeah you can choose the gims but I am going to eat lunch now bye

But anyway, It’s a good collection!

BTW I fixed my screen.

What the problem with the device though

Wait weren’t you going to lunch?

Yeah I’m just waiting for my ramen to cook

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Okay. Thanks for looking out for people!

I’ll try to make it. Also @joeownya welcome to the forums! However, you can’t say things like that. Make sure you read the TOS

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