ThumbNail For my Game "Gimkit Melee"

I have a thumbnail for it already but I need a better one. I WILL give credits in the description if you can get one i like. If you want to play the game for reference its called Gimkit Melee. Again I WILL give credits in the description if you make one i Love.
What It should Look like.

  1. Needs to have Gimkit Melee Somewhere on it
  2. Can’t be a scary theme, make it happy
  3. Put your name on it it should say " Art made by “User”

huh what i didnt say that :face_with_peeking_eye:
i could try!

is the theme scary or happy

Is it possible to see the original thumbnail?

its in @That_One_Gimkit_Guy bio

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Ok thanks for that information.

Hey @That_One_Gimkit_Guy what is the game about

this is the best i can do because you didnt give me enough details but this is mine:

i an make another one if you give more details!
(its my first thumbnail ever by the way)


this is really good for your first ever thumbnail!


I could make one if you give more details, like the bins you want, the setting, any weapons, etc.mi may how to send it tomorrow, tho.

I think @That_One_Gimkit_Guy ran out of replies because he joined today…

Oh… that makes sense.

For @That_One_Gimkit_Guy when he sees this

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