Thumbnail for like a vortex and echo agent style rpg

its for my rpg game that involves echo and vortex agents

Is it a fight between echo and vortex? Sorry Idk what rpg means

yea and rpg stands for role play game

Role playing game
Rocket Propelled Grenade
I think it is the second one


yeah guys its the second one :wink:

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How’s this?

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W this is the best bro

Np. I try to help out whenever I can.

@Veelopp I can do it for you!

I use adobe photoshop
Just give me more details on what you want to see

Work I've done
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my friend said that he could make one better but actually thank you

Or sorry buttttt… @Kat_aronii

if you can it would be good for a vortex member to be near a pink tree and a echo being near a red tree and echo has zapper and vortex has evil eye and they are fighting (its for the game lore dont mind pink or red trees please)

I can start now

On the background?

grass with some yellow and red flowers

Okay it will take about a day or so.

kk i gotchu bro your a lifesaver

Veelopp, may I try as well? Some of my previous work (not to be used):

image0 (12)

sure/ id love to see it

cant wait to see what it looks like its kinda like a competitition

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BRO! whenever i see that i think, “blizzian gimsolver?”