Thumbnail for immume:virus

name immume:virus
gims evil plant, captain buck, bonesy, chompez comstume
captain buck, bonesy and chompez comstume are fighting evil plant


evil plant is virus
captain buck is macrophage
bonsey is t cell
chompez costume is b cell

ok i got to go check back tomorow or later

I would suggest seeing if VoidFluffy can make your thumbnail, she’s amazing at this kinda stuff.


Aw man why does nobody suggest me? I can do one! Past work in my bio

I have much more stuff but its not on there

Like this

you mean by she right
voidfluffy’s a girl

gimgamer you should do more shading, if you see mine or voidfluffy or fruity’s thumbnails they all have shading


hey, some tips:

Use layers. It makes the coloring look sleeker

Don’t draw shaky lines. Let them be nice and smooth :)

Add shading. It improves the drawing!

Me silently dying over the impoper capitalization in the title…


Oh, my card has been revoked. Ah, Still ONE HOUR left.


is it immume or immune

Nice concept!! I know how the immune system works, can I make a thumbnail??

Previous doodles

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XDDD love the “can we go to mc Donald’s?” On the 4th post lol.

Heres mine i hope you like it


It’s this one.

I need ian to confirm though because the title says

I’m gonna hand draw mine can I draw the virus?

I can’t do this one, sorry.
But I’m happy to see that I’m a well recognized thumbnail artist : D
…and that people know I’m a girl (thanks @chunky)
If you want to see examples of my work the link is in my bio.

Edit: Actually I may be able to, we’ll see. I have a few other requests lined up so I have to finish those first.


Hey @ian990789 just so you know I have watched millions of hours on kurzguest videos

On the Immune system so this will be easy

you deleted that fast-