Thumbnail for friend (warning: not a repost)

ok, since my friend spyder-slayer doesn’t have the forums, he asked me to ask you guys to make thumbnail for him.

  1. name of game:the project’s a horror game so make it scary especific gims
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I’ll talk to you in aftercare about it :+1:

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i mean i’d prefer if u can tell me a gim
also, i need a style
should it be grungy or VHS (glitchy kinda) or what
also, whats the game about, I can help if I know what the game is about

I will make one and have it done by 2024-04-16T13:55:00Z ( around then not at that time :slight_smile: )

yeah, sure! i will be sending to my friend to see what he thinks.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 9.28.17 AM


can I make a thumbnail?

I think that anyone can make one… right?


sure, why not but use the requirements


any update? i wanna get to work but I need more info

well he liked this one :point_down:
Screenshot 2024-04-16 9.28.17 AM
and he already used it but he is making a second one so if can do it…

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kk ill base off of that

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hey @M1dnight haven’t seen u for a while


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tru dat … i mean, “true” but in orlando ppl say “tru dat” and i like sayn dat… @M13TheCreator

oh hey @M13TheCreator it’s been a while. how have you been?

good what about you?

I kinda wanna try making one, if that’s alright.

hey do you want to do a collab with my GIMBUSTERS map

just go to the doc I invited u