Thumbnail for foxwood

as I’m getting closer to finishing the game I wanted to see what the community could come up with for a thumbnail I’m getting a bit tired of drawing ngl. I’m taking a break

anyway this is what I need
a gim standing next to a detective in front of a road sign like this


a gim standing in front of a creepy mansion with the word Foxwood

feel free to add your watermark

I’ve kinda given up on the thumbnail wiki got flagged 3 TIMES Jeff unlocked it twice already

when I was editing this I accidentally pasted an entire chapter of my lore 1098 words :skull:


Can’t you add a request to the thumbnail request topic? I know it’s closed, but you can still edit the wiki…

I know I’m the one that made the dang thing
I wanted to get feedback and also be able to tell when no one is helping so I don’t wait
Sigh I got jeff to unlock it and then it immediately got locked again I wasn’t even online

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Foxy nice profile, okay who is Foxywood?

it’s my map

I updated what I needed The multiplayer update was cut due to memory

soooo, do you still need it? cause, I can still make it.


yeah Jeff isn’t going to be opening the thumbnail thing again

who even flagged it?

Then I will get right to it! Be warn tho, it might stink.

U still want the thumbnail tho?

n-no-not m-m-me o-of-offic-officer! I-I s-sw-swea-swear :worried:

(please help me)

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right now I’m happy to take a break from art and focus on school and lore
and whatever worst case I spend actual effort and make it
@Morepeko8 yep

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…y do i keep running outa “likes” -_-

I’ll have ur thumbnail made asap! Me leaving to make thumbnail cya

also relatable mainly the ladder

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Heeheeh also could i make a custom gim?

go ahead I honestly don’t care

Ok ty!