Thumbnail for fnaf like map. I'll give credit!

I need a thumbnail for fnaf like map. Can I please have help?

i personally don’t make thumbnails because i don’t have the patience and i want everything too perfect. But maybe as @Morepeko8 @Blizzy and @Kat_aronii


Ok, Can you try too cantact them so they can help me @WolfTechnology?

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i can contact peko. but blizzy and kat i pinged to let them know. Otherwise no.


Pharlain said that we aren’t supposed to summon artists.


I can help. Any specific thumbnail you want or do you want unique ones? Do you want specific gims, specific background?

I would say i’m decent

I want Polus gim with a fnaf like background and chompz and the animatronic in the doorway.

Is the name just “FNAF”?

No, It’s Five Night’s at Gimkit or FNAG

Finished with mine


I’ll make one, this is some of my past work.

DO NOT USE, they were made for other people ONLY

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THAT IS AWESOME! I might go with it @TheBKing. But I want to see one more option please from anybody.

I can do it for you!

Just give me a min to get my other thumbnails ready for you to see

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you cant summon people for your thumbnail requests

Okay that will be great! I just want it finished today so I can Publish

Aare you done with it @Random_dude123?

No just getting my work that I have done in the past, so you can see what I have done before.
Also, It might get delayed because adobe isn’t starting up for me.

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Ok take your time @Random_dude123 , I just need the thumbnail for my game by 2:30

It is 8:31 my time (which is eastern time)
Anyways It might take me 9hrs because of school
Sorry It will take so long it will probably take up to 5:00 PM, a day tops.

Work I've done