Thumbnail for Digtopia

Hello! So me and @Kosm0-o are making a game called Digtopia, which is Fishtopia x Dig it Up and we need a thumbnail for it. Here is some basic info.

  • Name - Digtopia
  • Created by - harharharhar83 ane Kosm0-o
  • Thumbnail by - Your name
  • Handrawn preferred, not mandatory


  • Gims in a underground tunnel (try and use the new ores for the inside look)
  • Have 2 Gims mining with pickaxes
  • Have one of them crying with a broken pickaxe
  • Have 2 gims fighting off bonseys.

OK! I will do it when I finish my current thumbnail

Gee… at least I know someone who is up at this time :smiley: I would love to make a thumbnail too but I have two that I still need to do so I might do this one later…

haha, that’s because I live in a different time zone (HKT), also don’t you just love it when ppl tell you how they want their thumbnails and you don’t have to ask them about it?


Yeah! I do! But with most thumbnails… ones I make I feel I don’t get enough detail into what they want on their thumbnail so I literally have to ask them… :frowning_face: But hey! It’s for a good cause… :neutral_face:

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Thanks guys!

why in the world are thumbnail topics getting more help than other topics?!

but yeah I can help
any specific gims?

cuz thumbnails are showcases of art ability, and showcases get likes, and ig people (like me) like “likes”

  • Eclipse Gim
  • Builder (if possible)
  • Minecart (if possible)
  • Your favorite Gim

i try as i can with other topics because im not good with art. some people do provide the answers they need but the creator doesn’t mark a solution

I can make one.

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some never get an answer at all
and apparently we have so much art new users join just to make art as if this is an art hub

I have seen you on other help topics though

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Do you want a minecart gim?


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Thanks you guys!

I’ma try brb

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done TADA! wat u think?
Screenshot 2024-04-24 1.16.45 PM

  • Add that the game was created by harharharhar83 and Kosm0-o
  • Add that the thumbnail was created by NoTimeToBleedQQ
  • Make them have the new pickaxe item

Other than that pretty good.

got u brb

got it :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2024-04-24 1.24.29 PM