Thumbnail for creative map called GimWars

Hey guys! I need a thumbnail for my new Gimkit creative map! Please send one if you can!
(Basically bedwars)

I’ll get one for you.

Welcome to the forums!
Please describe your Thumbnail:

  • Setting (Where it takes place)
  • Gims (How many + what they look like + what they are doing)

Filling it out will provide enough information for Thumbnail Artists to COOK.

The setting is on a platform made of stone and one blueprint is destroying a bed with a pickaxe (also gim is in the air)

Is the gim that is in the air the blueprint gim or a seperate gim?

The Blueprint gim. Btw thank you for the help, I’m new to this :slight_smile:

Alright! Heads to the Thumbnail Kitchen

Alright… Here is the thumbnail i made:

If you want me to change anything let me know!

Thanks! But I will wait a few more days for more options…

I will try to make one