Thumbnail for Cod Zombies Map?

I don’t have a thumbnail, so I hope I can have someone to attempt to make one

Please include the following:

What Gims you want and/or what they are doing
Setting of the map

What do you mean @JohanGim

  • What gims you want: Specify what gims you want in the thumbnail (Ex: Polaris, Default (Red), Chompz) and what are they doing? (Ex: fighting a sentry)

  • Setting: What is the background?

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The background is like a spaceship background theme, a group robot Gims(or mummy Gims), and a duo of Polaris fighting off them

So we pull out:
Ozi or Cursed
Polaris (What do you mean by duo?)

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A duo is two and 3 Cursed

So 2 Polaris Gims battling 3 Cursed Gims?

Precisely! Thank you, @JohanGim

Alright, lets wait for some people to COOK. In the meantime for others:

Are you COOKING?
  • No
  • Yes
  • I already COOKED
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Please stay on topic

Wait, what is the title of the game?

It was simply named as “Cod Zombies: Beta Testing”