Thumbnail for Capture The flag But Red Vs Blue version (Poll Is Over)

The thumbnail I have from @THEHACKER120 is colored wrong since i wasn’t specific about the type of Color CTF it was so here’s the pic

@THEHACKER120 is most likely to change it since it’s their’s.

Okie what do I change?

The black and white is suppose to be Red and Blue since i was not specific

black —> Red and White —> Blue

and thanks


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@THEHACKER120 Cool but could you change the flag color to Red
and change the hats of the gims to the corresponding colors

Ummm thats kinda hard to do but worth a try

This is the best I could get:

WOW that fast cool now i’ll have to do a poll @THEHACKER120 and @Foxy

well it’s pretty much the same one

Which One

  • This
  • Or This
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its a tie.

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Yeiks!! What do I Do Ummm

I’ll include my vote

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Time to use my 100 imaginary alts to win this voting thing.
snaps finger nothing happens. snaps again nothing still happens.

I’ll go for @Foxy’s thumbnail, sorry @THEHACKER120 better luck next time when I need a thumbnail again.

Okie np, Foxy’s looked better anyways.

that was what i was going to say but i didn’t want to be mean you know.

:person_shrugging: I mean not like I lost 1 million dollars Idrc. You could’ve just said it.

Thanks for your help anyways. I hope you win next time

Np happy to help idrc if I win or not.

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