Thumbnail for box fight game

@wait.what.626Youtube what gims u want me to use??

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any, but preferably day one, and echo.vortex agents.

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hmm ok I can try oh and pls give me title of the game

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“welcome to box fights”, “box fights”, as long as it says boxfights in the title it will be good.

ok (Prevent 20 character)

you can hide extra characters in <>

ohh so there is no such thing as private chats??

not really, but you can privately message someone. (idk what private message does, cuz I never tried it.)

this is a private message…

no pms dont work


oh okay, thanks for telling me.

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Why is this in Community Made Guides?

dont know how long has he been in the forums

yea he’s been here long enough should know better but he was makin trouble in a different post too @M13TheCreator

Only over a week.

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