Thumbnail for bedwars

I need a thumbnail for a game called Bedwars space edition and I want it to

  • have the name

  • Made by Astro-123

  • thumbnail by your name

  • beds

  • Polaris skin

  • skin of your choice

  • space background

  • and gadgets

i got you, i’m working on it… now!

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thanks a lot @Spydecraft245!

i’m done
Uploading: 2024_05_16_0no_Kleki.png…

no problemo! i like helping people!

can i try or is i too late

@Spydecraft245, it didn’t finish uploading :frowning:

i can get to work!
heres some off my work (one was a bedwars thumbnail lmao):

those are amazing! can’t wait to see what it looks like @M1dnight!

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Can you make one for me?

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sure, ill do it when i finish the one I’m working on right now

@M1dnight , are you done yet?

Can anybody help me with a thumbnail?