Thumbnail for a Hodge Podge Game

Its a hodge podge with capturing flags and attacking other agents (sentrys) and unlocking a barier.

I could do it but first
Whats the name?
Anything MORE specific???
You want custom gims?

fill this out, please

  1. what gims
  2. google slides or hand-drawn
  3. what should the gims be doing
  4. what are they holding
  5. where are they on the thumbnail
  6. what is the name of the game

Name - "Hodge-Podge-Topia
Gims - Any you want but include echo and vortex
Doing - Holding weapons and running with flags
Holding - Weapons and flags
Location - Anywhere you want
Google Slides/Canva/Adobe Photoshop

any background you want?

No preference for background.

I might be able to try

For Coffee

Love the new profile pick coffee

Thanks (you made it, I kept my word and changed it a day after you made it)

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How’s the progress going over here?

Finished it!

(this is my third ever thumbnail, so be honest with feedback, what did I do well and what did I do not so well)

Apologies in advance. There is a random blue box. The random gims should be the ones with the flags and attacking the vortex and echo sentrys. And please add a button with a barrier or locked in a cage and more gims

Ok, I can do that, give me about an hour (give or take a few minutes)

Gottcha. Thank you so much for this :smiley:

@Coffee @MARX @GimNo0b does anyone have a finished thumbnail for me to look at?