Thumbnail for a game called "City Tycoon"

I have a thumbnail request for a game called “City Tycoon” where the objective is to get the most sq feet of land by purchasing houses & land in the city. You get cash every 20 seconds but the way you can get enough $ for land is by putting your money in the stock market where it goes up or down every 3 seconds. Note the mode is 3D, but in the image it won’t matter.

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I got you, man!!!
One perfected thumbnail, coming right up!!!

I about 5-10 minutes…


Hey, @1.0
What’s your favorite Gimkit skin…
I don’t care if you have it or not…
I just wanted to make the thumbnail favorable.

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Don’t have one in specific, but i’d say the pineapple one in the shop Tropicool.


Almost done…
I just have to add the background…
Then I’ll upload it here.
Sorry to ask another question, @1.0, but what’s your favorite color???

I’d say blue, but if its for the background then a dark, industrial blue?

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It’s finally done!!!
Here’s the thumbnail:
1.0's Game Thumbnail Entry
I left some space at the bottom because you have to crop it when you publish the map.
Also, it will say upload error when you upload it when you publish, but ignore that, because it works anyway.
That’s it!!!

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Wow, nice thumbnail! (I like how they’re playing the game!)


No way! this is awesome! Thanks so much :slight_smile:


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