Thumbnail for a dropper game

Thumbnail for game called Gimpossible Dropper @lonewolf0230

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Guys can you help me

A Solar eclipse skin falling while dodging lasers

ll make one give me some time

U dont need to i already made one

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So, then why does this post exist?

I gave up on people helping me so i made it myself but i cant mark anything as a Solution

  1. change to help then do it…
    2.You can wait i just have some school work…it will probably not be done till afternoon.
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You can make one tho @Dodge_Fox Jut make it better than this


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Okay i will do mine to

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@lonewolf0230 Can you help me with this

I can make one!
Some old ones I’ve made:

@lonewolf0230 can you help me

why do people really like to summon people.

This is insanely cool, it all looks amazing

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