Thumbnail for a bank heist map

I need a thumbnail for a bank heist map. Here the details: You and your 4 friends are robbing a bank but there are numerous traps and guards, can you make it to the vault? And feel free to make a thumbnail no need to ask


As your friend, here you go.

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Can you add some guards to it?

Sirath is the guard, he’s the knight

I’ll give him a weapon

Oh okay got it thanks

I’m going to assume you used for the snowball launcher

can I help?

I have a couple things I need you to do before you say yes.
I don’t like making a thumbnail for no reason so… I ask you to look at the bottom of my bio to see my previous works

and also could you give me some information like
what gims you want
and other information

I did but I’m redoing it right now, gimme a sec

Ok gimme a couple mintutes @gim_guy

ya know replying pings me too right?
you don’t have to actually ping
reply also gives a notification

Oh sorry. Also here is the background

For the gims you can add any gims

is it fine if I make my own background?

Yes it’s perfectly fine

may take about two days at most
probably going to take a lot less unless I procrastinate

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I’ll help

Hey, I’m new. Is it okay if I help?

I already made a picture with the tools I have.


Sure @Just_Me and @lonewolf0230 you can help and take as much time as you need there no rush

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