Thumbnail Farmation

I need a thumbnail for Farmchain, and I kinda want it to say “Farmchain x Redemption” in the middle.

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I can help, what does your map look like and do you want the thumbnail to be drawn or not

@The-realgimkitMaster Welcome to the forums!

@GimkitLuvuh I can handdraw one or make one on Slides. Which do you want? Handdrawn will take much more time

Drawn or not? it could be anything! It just has to look okay.

you can draw on google slides? YOU CAN DRAW ON GOOGLE SLIDES? that is genius


yeah I can wait. can it be handdrawn???:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

Yep! It’s what I do too. You use a tool called “polyline”

point to point, right?

what do you do in the mode Farmation?

Oh, I forgot to include what that meant~hehe.
It’s Farmchain remastered, but I want the thumbnail to say Farmchain x Redemption.

I don’t draw on Google Slides. I use images. But I can make a handrawn one. Here’s an example:

oops bad screenshot

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so basically farmchain but better

I need it simple, just a font that says Farmchain x Redemption, and then a blurry background

yup, bingo! just a better Farmchain ig

Ok. I’ll smear some colors in the background. I’ll make it browns and grays and oranges and yellows

perfect, just what I need

here is a hand drawn thumbnail i made in the past