Thumbnail Creating! HOW!?!?!?!

How do ppl make these?

Credits to Random_dude123

Screenshot 2024-03-27 1.10.52 PM
How is it?

I personally love it because I love axolotls but for my 1st one ever I would add more detail but I wanted it to be kinda plain but yeah.
I will do a part 2 of this with more detail later on.
Thank you all for all of the help on making it! If that makes sense!

I use google slides and

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Probably with photoshop or canva.

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I hand draw mine.

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I just use Pixlr its so useful!!!

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@CaptionPuffy what happend to your PFP?

That’s what I do but I’m bad at it

Ik but like the gim guys???

thats just a photo of the gim with out a background and tilted. not that hard tbh.

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I am going to attempt it on Canva and (because I already use it)
And so please wish me luck!!

good luck, and just a tip most people use Google slides for thumbnails.

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I use canva too

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