Thumbnail chosen- resolved request

Note: i already have a thumbnail Hello it is I, the great @Tobias7454744745 again! And I need a thumbnail for legend of the gim
Now the details!
🛜An activity bus but instead of activity bus it is a purple bus that says Gims Bus at the front
🛜It is crashed, like in this image

🛜The Gims Bus is crashed into a tree
🛜The back of the Gims Bus is on fire
🛜A lot of Gims are outside the bus
🛜One of the Gims see A mysterious island
🛜That gim is saying “Guys, come look!”
🛜Text that says “Legend of the gim”
🛜The mysterious island has a castle on it
🛜Another gim is on his phone (it is an apple phone) texting its mommy that they crashed
I will include more details if I think of some


Hmm I’ll try but it might take a while.

Alright could you make it by July 15th?

Sure! Ok I’ll make it digital

Digital please

Ok working on it rn.

Is this still a thing?

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Wow. The description is so detailed. This might take a while…

Honestly, it would be wayyyyyyy easier to do it hand-drawn… Are you sure you want it digital?

I’ve made one


What’s your opinion on it?

  • Great
  • Good
  • Ok
  • Bad
  • Terrible

I think you should hold a poll, but I would say Good. It contrasts a bit too much, but otherwise… [1]

  1. It’s pretty good! ↩︎

Alright, I made 2 so you can choose. One is hand-drawn and one is digital.


Which is better?
  • Hand drawn thumbnail
  • digital thumbnail
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“Mommy the coach crashed”
But I’m doing a thumbnail,




Woah that’s a really good sketch



(This is why you don’t let the phone Gim drive.)


Mine will be finished today.

example of my Gimkit art:

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Good job @SnoopyOTG

Good! However, one of the gims needed to be saying “Guys, come look!”

thanks i love making these thumbnails

Some suggestions for the digital thumbnail:
Try to make the background more animated, if possible make the background with only Gimkit terrain and props.

Try to make the bus look a little bit broken, right now instead of the bus looking likes its broken and on fire, it looks like its escaping the fire.

Maybe put the “Game by ___ and Thumbnail by___” somewhat close to the title?

Customize the font and the font color for the texts so they fit and blend in better.

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