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So my game is called The Release. I have the idea in my head, but I have no artistic ability :P. So basicall two gims (Broker and Fair play specifically) in the center of a circle, surrounded by other gims with evil eyes. I don’t need it to fast, btw
here’s some pics

I’ll make one, give me 2 days ish!

I can try too- same amount of time as Props.

i can make one too king jerry


can you make the broker and fair play have transparent backgrounds?

I can help

I can also try making one
May Take A while

@kingjerry the release is here

the release

Screenshot 2024-06-03 5.57.11 PM

I made 2

Neither are very good but im busy once again, as always.

VoidFluffy and I_Like_Props thumbnails are gonna be a lot better

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no, these are great thanks!

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Screenshot 2024-06-03 5.57.11 PM

I could make one by Sunday.
Hand drawn or photoshop?

i dont really care, but handrawn would be nice

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I could make one by monday.

im turning in my school computer around 10 on Monday, so I wont be able to reply after then

Ik you can’t reply but I’m sorry mine is late. I didn’t know I would be so busy.