Thoughts on Essence of Block Code?

So you know my chapters, right?

What should I add? I’m currently working on introducing these ideas:

Mathematics (some advanced stuff).
Variables and properties, including:

NPT (RPT too)
and Player ID’s

Using every single block
and more.

What are your thoughts, and should I teach other stuff?


I know a little over half of that stuff. This is going to be an insane chain of guides.

It’s actually a series of multiple guides.

This is because I want to be as in-depth as possible.

Can’t wait to see it!

You know what’s really cool? I may have found the first actual application of PCP. It’s a little complex and buggy, but it uses PCP!

What is it?

Well, for my GK8D map, I needed a way to give the player access to different item pools based off of their rank in the race. I used a modified version of @im_pretty_cool’s racing rank guide to give the player a rank throughout all three laps. However, I wanted to know how to get an accurate rank on different lasers, but have them still use the same property, for ease of coding. The answer: PCP. Every counter is connected to the same property. This method works, except for if someone gets lapped, which is a whole can of beans that I will not be getting into, even if I may have figured out a solution.

prtty cool so far, u could pull some stuff from a javascript documentation or smth and try to add it using block code

What about multiple laps?

It’s nice to see my idea come alive (other than property limits)!

Could you make them all wikis? We should add a section on functions, my first 2 guides.

Multiple laser checkers.

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