This Summer for gimkit

Hey y’all,
So this summer how gimkit takes a break on creating and updating,
Is that a every summer thing and what should I expect?

Thanks :grin:

This isn’t for this forum.

Try emailing for this type of stuff.

Probably plus the forums will be dead because everyone will be on holiday, camps. This will most probably start before my summer holiday😭, because national holiday in the UK isnt 3 months straight and u get breaks in the rest of the year

no it wont.

We OG’s have kept this forum alive in the summer of '23, we can do it in '24, too.


this isn’t stuff for the forum as it on discord or email them at

barely, tis was the quiet ages, now @GimkitLover1 mark a solution and msg

Are the forums still here?

Me personally, it wasn’t really the Dark Ages. More like the Quiet Ages.


Yeah, the real Dark Ages were sometime during the school year.



I am going to do the responsible thing and back out, also @GimkitLover1 this is not related to GCK so just mark a solution or this will get flagged!!!

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