This sentry should not shoot this fast

This Should not happen

Check your settings for it, did you set it that way?

Is instant reload on?

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Both at the medium on the sentry

I don’t think instant reloads on I’ll check

okay I’ll try without instant reloads on

Okay so He doesn’t shoot as fast any more without instant reload now

they updated the instant reload to not have a little pause when reloading so if thats on that is why

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Yea but why does it effect the sentries?

because it effects any gadget, and sentries use gadgets. Also you have the difficulty on medium which also effects it. SO combined you get the spam outcome.

Makes sense, but I’ve never heard of anything like that, instant reload…
Where have I been?

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Idk, its in main game settings.

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just dont combine the method to make sentries shoot like a shotgun with instant reload quantum portals

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