This Might Be an Unanswerable Question...How do I make an energy tracker apply only to one player?

I rigged the energy tracker normally: Movement Meter > Wire > Game Overlay, but don’t know if it involves anything different. Thoughts?

Just use a puesdo teaming system. That way you can apply that system also what are you doing with it?

What I would say is to put one person on a team"alone" and have the score track that team. It may work, but I don’t know.

That works too, but I thought pseudo would be a little easier to understand for new people.

It might, but pseudo is a bit challenging and might be to hard for a newer user to GKC. But honestly you never know.

Try a random player targeted relay for this to open the game overlay.

Yeah I kinda just assumed thanks for the additional solution @WolfTechnology You’re always a great help around here.

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I don’t think that nessecarily what they want. They want to give one player via some type of selection system which is why I suggested pseudo

If you have the tracker activated by default, then it will apply to all players. But if you make a certain player transmit on a channel by a some sort of action, then you can make the movement activate for that one player. If you want only one player to have the tracker, you would have to make that play transmit something to a channel in some shape or form. What you do to find this option is to go to Movement Meter > All Options > Scroll down and find Use as Default? There you will also find “Activate when receiving on”, there you can place in the aforementioned channel the one player transmitted to make the meter only apply to that one player that transmitted on the channel. To make it apply to that one player though, you will need to set the “Use as Default?” option to “No” to make sure nobody else has the meter applied to them. If something is wrong please tell me. Have a good day! I used this method for my sprint mechanic, so I can say it could be effective.

Pretty lengthy explanation–but @WolfTechnology’s idea might sound simplest.
Pseudo properties may be a bit advanced, but depending on your level yourself it might fit.


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