This keeps happening to me

That means there was some sort of overload. Were you trying to open a questioner from a popup?

No, he just joins, then I start the game, then POW, no more of him

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Yah I j0in coffee and then it does that and I even used my alt account.

Alt accounts are not allowed due to the fact that they can be used for ban evading. Please delete your alt account, thank you.

No it is my home account this is happening on both of my accounts

so that I can do the game at home

@Theaxolotl I think they have an account at their school or workplace and they have one at school. One could be blocked due to the district’s security and the other could be blocked because the school is not aware of it.

No the school allows gimkit

I don’t thinks that’s the case, when I j0in him, I’m fine, but right as he starts the game POW he’s gone

I was saying it to @Theaxolotl regarding the alt thing.

Oh ok, sorry (I do agree with @Theaxolotl tho)

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