This is very strange why should this happen

This Should not be off topic playing in discovery and it’s gimkit creative It’s say waiting for game host

I’m the game host what A’m I suppose to do the maps call floor is lava beta

tried refreshing?

Well lets find out

still game host why would someone publish a map without testing it?
lets try with more players… later still doesn’t work

because 6 year olds can’t think


I don’t think we can do much here but

  1. try other maps to see where it happens
  2. just email gimkit

I’ll Email gimkit about this map

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that happened to me too

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How did it even achieve Trending in discovery?? :confused:

trending is also about a map being new and perhaps people use alts to get more plays oh and forcing their friends to try it out

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I don’t even know, but I guess people like boredom lol

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh true, true

Lol, that’s definetaly true

searching goes by the description
I suggest adding hashtags for things people would search

I changed the name to Battle of Heros but that didn’t fix it and so yea

oki I’ll test the game out

THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! (I have no idea why though…)

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