This is sooooo hard!

Im trying to build an awesome city and i need some design ideas, THIS IS HARD!

Well…maybe make skyscrapers!

do a grocery store
or you could just brainstorm ideas.
If you can’t brainstorm, take a break from GKC and maybe some ideas will pop up

You can make the empire state buidling, resturants, a boat port, apartments, scetchy allyways, and a bank that is rob able. And way more.

How would i do that?

How can i build a sky scraper when its 2-d?

You use barriers(which is a device) and scale it to your size that you want. Then add barrier for windows and doors, and make it have a shadow, which is a barrier on 0.20 to 0.50 alpha.

Then how would i build a bank that is robbable?

You could add the illusion inside it by making stairs or an elevator.
You can make stairs with tilted wooden stairs, but I wouldn’t know how to make elevator, so you’ll have to get creative with that.

You make the bank and add a vending machine is it that is not visable ingame but is on top of the cash prop. The wire the vending machine to the prop so when purchased deactivate prop. But the settings of the machine is item needed to buy a item"nothing" and item granted when bought"cash" number of item"1000", times of purchase"1".

Why cant we post codes in the forum it would be so helpfull if you all could help me!

Codes cause clutter.

People can destroy your map while building, can cause clutter, and will cause spam.

i know, i just wish ya’ll could help me do this, i havent been playing gim kit for long so its really hard

Most of the users on the forum have been playing gimkit for at least a year, but the more knowledgable users have been player for longer. I myself have been player for about 3 and half years now and I self taught myself graphic designing, which just carries over to creative modes. You can post a code on the wix for help if you would like others to j0in your game.

If i Post it on there will you j0in?

make it look 3 d kinda there should be a guide on prop enhancing

I would, but I have 3 other users who asked for my help first and I have to do them in order first, I can do you after though. (If i get a chance…)

Make Saffron City from Pokemon Red.

for the bank robbing, you can make a heist with lasers and sentries! just put a team switcher wired to a zone that is behind props so when you are hiding they are friendly and when not they arent