This is for my tagging map

so with my tagging map, i want the score to be how many tags each team has, the one with most tags: wins the game, and yes i tried searching, also what is the rgb for the tag overlay in the gamemode?

use that for the second one

Wire tag zone counter on team scope.

Place property. Make them number. Make it so when the property changes, it transmit channel CheckTags

Make scope team.

Now we have the property itself.

Next make a game overlay block that triggers on the channel CheckTags.

Do some create text like in the for this device game overlay shows then do create text, the top one is (Team name) tags: and make sure to add a space infront of the colon. Then in the second create text section do the property CheckTags.

Ok that should be it for the displaying.

Copy this but do CheckTags2, as this is for the second team.

Then at the end do an inequality in block code. Make sure it keeps checking this block code somehow. If checktags > checktags2 transmit your channel to do what you want. If checktags < checktags2 transmit your channel tod o what you want.

Now looking back this is kinda complicated and you might need pictures but im really busy so you might have to ask someone else, but I hope this might work and help you out!


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