This is Bug that somewhat needs to be fixed

Sometimes Im just playing/editing Gimkit, and my screen will turn, black, then white, and it will stay white, if I start the game, edit, etc. The only way to fix it is the go to the dashboard.


Hm, I’ve never experienced this bug before. Maybe it has something to do with your device? I don’t really know.


Try reloading and see if it’s fixed

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If that doesn´t work, try shutting your device down completely. There was a few people that also had it. I still don´t know how to fix it.

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Maybe Close other tabs if you have any open?

I got that bug before, but all I needed to do is just close and start a new one.

Probably refresh the page or Close and Open the tab

Buddy… please don’t necropost. This was back in July. It was a help topic that was fixed.


@Jeffo when you have a second, can you please close, mark a solution, and possibly archive this post?

It was never fixed I still have the issue :frowning:

Me to, can’t play gimkit any more

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welcome to the forums, Allen1236! I experienced a bug like this too, came back next day and it stopped

This may be your computer’s problem. Check…

  • Are you using too much CPU?
  • Is your screen like this with other websites?
  • Do you have an Intel Chromebook? Is that what you are using?
  • Is it the entire screen, or is it just the tab screen?

Hope this helps!

Sometimes that happens the crashes but usually not. And I do have a Chromebook but the issue still happens on my PC.And it is just the tab, and only Gimkit

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Can we not necropost, please? This was back in July.

the best way is to ping @Pharlain on this so she can look into it if its patched to archive it.

instead of pinging jeffo and mods,staff which kinda seem unesscary due to the fact that there still can be a solution marked ask the owner of the topic to Mark a solution since this is not a guide btw or you just be pinging jeffo mods and staff for no reason which can lead to wasting staff time so I recommend pinging jeffo or staff WHEN IT REALLY NESSCARY! hey that just my opinion do what you think is best for people, staff, mods, yourself, and for the forum!

the bug solar said is still unfixed meaning it not ready to close unless fixed!
maybe try getting a new PC do this if nothing works.
try restarting? do this before you get a new PC if this doesn’t work
maybe close out the tab and make a new tab
or try deleting all ur cookies then data then data and cookies to gimkit
if that doesn’t work fully wipe out everything to gimkit that on your computer.
don’t worry as long as u made an acc u can log back in with all ur progress.

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… that was a bit uncalled for. I just ping them to close it because flagging it doesn’t serve a purpose if the bug is not solved yet.

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just ask the person to make a solution if you want it closed. and have the title say not solved if anyone or leave a last comment saying this is unsolved to prevent confusing