This is actual help for one way out mechanism

In one way out when someone enters the end stage everyone teleports to that same room how do i make that in my map where one person enters zone it teleports all players to that area

When player enters zone, activate a relay for all players that makes them teleport through a teleporter to that room.

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um what do you mean relay i thought that was the quesiotn thing or buttokn on the screen

Look up relay in the devices list. And that’s a game overlay you’re thinking of.

place a zone in the end-stage place. Wire the zone to a relay that broadcasts to all players.

Player enters zone → relay

then wire that relay to a teleporter in the end-stage place like this:

Relay triggered → teleport player here


Thanks for explaining it better. Me being bad teacher lol. LlamaLady’s should work.

yours would work just as well, i just didn’t see it because i didnt read the comments

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remember to set the relay on all players!

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I know but yours is better explained.

both are good i would’ve figured them out in the end i’m smart