This guide will show on where to publish your map for people to test and tips Fixed and finished

Here are the two places to to ask people to test your maps
I recommend trying both. My account is not on because It banned both of these but MOON told me He made the top one because incase your account can’t go on wix here another place.


Good thumbnail equal more people playing

Putting it in your bio

I’ve seen people putting game in their bio and I know that these people game are more popular cause of that.

Creative Idea

You want all of your games to have a difference that set apart from the other like Apolo2 GKC platformer.

That it thank for reading.


Great guide @Sun but this is a lot like my guide. but it’s okay

@Sun the link you sent dosent work use this link.

Sorry for the inconvenience the code for the classroom now works I think can you check if it works.

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