This guide is difficult to understand

So, someone told me not to use repeaters and use triggers instead. Found this guide Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)
So I looked at it and well, I am not that intelligent when it comes to Gimkit. If anyone could explain to me how I can activate and reactivate barriers on a loop using triggers it would be much appreciated.

Why do people hate repeaters?


Make it so what triggers the trigger. Example Channel A. A triggers the trigger. Make it so the trigger transmit A.

For leo_flowers, people hate repeaters cause its really expensive in memory and could be easily recreated with other devices.

Basically, it’s saying that instead of using a repeater, you can have a trigger start when receiving on channel blah, when triggered, message on channel blah, and trigger when receiving on channel blah. On top of that make the trigger have a one second delay and bam, you have a repeater with no limits.

I don’t know, probably because there is a limit of 10

basically why people hate repeaters

  1. use lots of memory
  2. triggers can do the same thing with more options
  3. limit of 10

they don’t hate them, they just believe there is a better option

but how do I make the trigger get triggered, thats where I am struggling

in my opinion its less complicated

i disagree how do i get the trigger triggered in the first place

  1. It takes up a lot of memory when you can just use a trigger loop.
  2. The limit is very small (10)
  3. Triggers can do more stuff
  4. Triggers can be set off by a player stepping on it

If you have a button wire it to your trigger
When button pressed -> Trigger

do you know how i can get the trigger triggered? without players doing stuff, just automatically

On game start or something else?

yeah on game start how do i do a trigger loop

Give me a sec @OoGoO

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With a lifecycle.

@OoGoO, first place down a lifecycle like so

Then get a trigger with the following settings

Then get a wire like so

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thanks so much for this!

No problem!