This Feels Really Weird (Gimkit Forum Update)

Yeah the gimkit forum updated. it feels really weird. I kinda liked how it was before, it was little less hard to understand. but now with the new forum update, I am really confused.

Whats your thoughts about this (make sure to leave a comment.) (and make sure the comments are in one post which is this one. so we don’t break gimkit and stuff)

(and yes this used by a alt account)


It feels like roblox’s forums (in which I’m experienced of) so it isn’t as weird for me, though I’m curious why they made this change.


Our previous forum didn’t have the moderation features we needed, so we had to switch over to this different version.


It feels a bit too fancy and confusing and many people aren’t as active as they were before.


I agree, it doesn’t look as nice as before. And because we had to switch over to a new system, all old user accounts are gone, so that’s why there are not many people in here right now.

However, moderation is important for us to keep the forum running. The old forum was not working well for us so we either had to shut down the forum all together or switch to something different.


Will there be any changes to this platform in the future?

I almost thought i got banned because of a guy who false reported me.

you realized you needed better moderation after the whole issue with Reckoner?

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Though, I understand why you changed to a new version. Prob there might be bugs though.

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Reckoner was annoying. They just false reported my comments and my guides. Hopefully they got banned.

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yeah they reported mine too, i think that whole issue is why josh decided to make better moderation

yeah i also thought so to

same I was really scared, then, when i tryed making my new account, the confirmation email didn’t come for like an hour!!!

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