Things turn invisible

ive noticed that if i copy something relatively fast on slightly bad wifi, the copied item turns invisible. you can still click on it and it still acts normal except its fully invisible (even if u go to play mode)

i dont have pics, but i was copying lasers and they turned invisible. and then after erasing and replacing the lasers, my sentry got teleported to the spawn pad (in edit mode) somehow and the sentry turned invisible


That tends to happen, @Pika_Pokemon.

You should refresh or delete the item then add it back. If that wont work. Try checking your wifi if it is just caused by bad weather or something

thats what i do, delete stuff and try again. i was hoping someone would fix it so i wouldnt have to waste time finding invisible stuff and replacing them

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hm, If it is still happening. Send me a link and I can see exactly what to try help you

i deleted all the invisible lasers already : P
it only happens when i have bad wifi

refreshing doesnt work
the lasers stay invisible

They are working on fixing this. It says so in the help docs changelog.