There is a glitch in maps

So there is a glitch if you go between 2 objects you should be able to jump out but here you are stuck. Please fix. Here is the link to the map I’m playing. Find Your Way UP! | Gimkit Creative Here is an image of me being stuck>

Also, for some reason, the trail is still moving, so it thinks you’re active like walking.

Oof, hmmmm maybe reload and try again?

Ya you can end the game and it will fix but like what if you are close to the end of a game for example “don’t look down”.

Hmmm true, but im not sure the person who developed the game is on the fourms @Foxboy

This is an old glitch, you’re just gonna have to end the game or refresh :confused:

okay I’m new to gimkit creative

Please close the topic gimkit

i think someone made a bug post about this before, it seems to be a common problem. reload as @Morepeko8 said

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Can you give me the link to the post or no?

Made….hehe sorry, i had to do dat, >:P

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sadly i do not have it, the post was made around when plat-forming was released, which was quite a while ago. sorry!

@Morepeko8 how dare you >:0

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Do you mean the creative one or don’t look down one?
Be back later! :wave:

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