There is a bit of a bug

This may be of topic a little but when I played DLD I jumped and shot into the air?!

DLD is quite buggy, and it’s good you came for help. Chances are you just hit one of the many bugs for when you jump on the exact edge of a platform, which may also cause hyperspeed. However, this is the GKC forums, so this is not the right place to be posting your bugs. Hope that clears things up!

It did have this,

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I just checked, this does appear to be an April Fool’s feature.

Yep I guess it is April fools.

Actually it apply to all platformers!??!!

The team started making DLD a quite buggy so now this is an april fools feature they made. I think jumping and going far is the only april fools feature.

The april fools version may be removed tomorrow.

Four bugs in counting this morning, before 8:30??!!
Dubiously, these bugs aren’t for no reason.
April has just rolled around, after all… :expressionless:

it’s APRIL FOOLS! (it does get annoying) :frowning:

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