The Void's Garden Designs: Pt. 1: Basic Garden

So you have a house. Great. Good for you! But, ah, the thing is, you’re usually missing something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
The garden, of course!
This is a series of tips on how to make many different kinds of gardens. This is pt 1, or the Basic Garden. A typical circular garden you would find in front of a suburban house.
Without further ado, let’s get started!


You’ll need:
Place it down in a ‘circular’ pattern, with the grass on layer 4 and dirt on layer 3.
Like so:


Since this is the ‘Basic Garden’, we’ll only use the flowers. You can tint them if you want, but it should look at least 60% normal. You can tint a sand pile brown, put it on a higher layer, and place it in front of the stem to make the flower look ‘buried’ in the dirt.

You can also add your own little spritz of creativity! A leaf here or there, some grass, a shovel, a creepy figure peeping out from behind-

Devices (optional)

If you want to add an interactive part to your garden, you can use buttons and item granters to make a ‘flower picking’ mechanism.

For the people who aren’t very experienced, this is how you do it:
Take a button and an item granter. Wire it like this:

The item granter should have a seed or whatever the flowers represent.

You can also do a ‘Sniff Flower’ mechanism by wiring a button and a popup:

The popup can say something along the lines of:
“Whew! That was strong- ~achoo!~ But it smelled really ~achoO!!!~ good! ~ACHOOOOO!!!~”
“this would make a GREAT perfume!”
“Wow, ____ would love this smell!”
“Are you… sure this is a flower?”
“Um… why does it smell like Great Aunt Tina’s musty dress…”

Final product


  • Ruin Garden
  • Space Garden
  • Winter Garden
  • Void Garden
  • Underwater Garden
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Thanks for reading and keep creating!
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