The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Courses

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. What? There’s no such thing as Obstacle Courses in Gimkit Creative! Not really. It’s just that nobody has ever made one. And I don’t really mean “Obstacle Courses”. I mean Parkour, that stuff. Parkour still isn’t possible in GC, but you can make what I call Team-Up Parkour.
You want to know what a Team-Up Parkour is? Well, it’s this “Obstacle Course” where you are your partner, or Teammate, take turns stepping on triggers to deactivate lasers to let the other through.

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Here are some ideas for Courses(Reply with more Ideas):

  • Over-The-Lava(Where you have to deactivate lava flows, with your partner, to get across the ‘lava’)
  • The Floor is Lava(The classic Gimkit Game, except you’re using real Gims; Make ‘bridges’ to run from the lava)

I hope you like this idea! It can be incorporated into RPGs, Escape Rooms, all that stuff. Have fun, and keep dreaming!


Amazing guide @Blizzy.

Great guide! this will be greatly improved once DLD is added to creative

What’s the max times you can edit your post?

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I made it into a wiki, I can edit it infinitely

But what’s normally the max?

Also how do you make lava?

there are no max times you can edit, but a topic(if not a wiki) has a certain amount of time be edited by the maker( I think it is 30 min after last edit)

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What do you mean by that? Please be more specific when talking to some, they may not understand what you mean when you give a broad statement

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Wow! This is a cool concept! Itll be cool once its implemented.

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Like 30 days. For a TL2

@Apoll02 created a platformer. Like a retro mario type platformer. Maybe get some help from him/her.


Very high damage invisible lasers, orange barrier over gray or white water

I think @Apoll02 is a He

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