The ultimate guide to making more people play your publish map

This will help you get more people play your game

Creative detail.

In your description you should have something like Help the gim escape the evil terror of spitzy trying to kill you and take your sanity. Good description isn’t the only thing that would help a good thumbnail will help a lot read this guide b How to make good Thumbnails for publishing your game!

A good name.

If your name is boring like the house nobody is going to play it you want good creative name that nobody has like this example the four power of house it sound better then just the house.

Get a good trust level before publishing.

If you have a low trust level not a lot of people will play your map. But if you had a higher trust level more people will know about you and your map.


Before publishing you should post your map in the gimkit wix site this is where you can share map with out getting flagged. you can ask people to test your map and give feedback or you can ask people for help

Actually make the map good

Nobody is going to play your map multiple times or even once if it has no replay value or it just boring. read a lot of guide get idea test and don’t make it use to much memory and dont be afraid to ask people for help a lot of the people in the community will say yes. just don’t annoy then to much and be kind


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lol “the house” that’s the most boring-sounding name i would never play it lol

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I am trying to make this process of people finding your game easier. So I made my own Wix called “The Archives” where you can post your published map, the description, title, and the link in a gallery. We also have a chat, similar to the Gimkit creative Wix. Right now we barely have 10 people, but I hope once this grows, it will help people get their games found and played.

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