The Ultimate Guide to GKC and Gimkit (For beginners)

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Nice guide, I will be sure to look at the animals and buildings. I already looked at the train car build. Good job!

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If I were to make a “Guides Section”


Community-made Guides are where you can find really cool stuff made by awesome people in the community. These either have to do with mechanical aspects (devices, blocks, wires, and channells) or artistic design (text, scenery, specific objects, and props).

Your guide should strive to be a good length. One paragraph isn’t enough, and usually a page or two does the job. Overly long guides aren’t necessarily bad, as some of them contain a lot of information, but try cutting long paragraphs down when writing them.

W.I.P. Guides (Work In Progress) are guides that have not been finished yet but still posted to the community made guides section. Sometimes they’re posted in the “Devices” section if multiple people want to collaborate on them, or they’re far from being finished, but this is kind of rare.

Trust Level 1 users can only edit a topic for 24 hours.
Trust Level 2 users can only edit a topic for 30 days.
Trust Level 3 users can also edit a topic for 30 days, but if they make it a wiki, the guide can be edited indefinitely. Wiki posts are posts that anyone that is greator than trust level 1 users can edit.

You should definitely put pictures and screenshots of your devices, settings, props, and just general stuff in your guide. If people just have to read a huge paragraph, they’re gonna miss a LOT! If you put pictures and add stuff, then you can actually comprehend the guide.

When making art guides, try making stuff that people will actually use. Don’t make something as specific as “This monster creature that I found in my nightmares with 3 legs, 45 arms, and has a white bowtie and blue hat. It eats popcorn in it’s sleep and it’s tail is spiraled.” If someone really wants help on something specific, they can make a help topic on it.

The Ultimate Guide, abbreviated as “tug” (plural “tugs”) are guides containing a TON of information. Most of the time (probably all of the time), they are wiki guides and have to do with broad and general topics like devices, props, and terrain. Do not make tugs for really specific stuff, like “The Ultimate Guide to on and off lasers”. You can make a regular guide on that.

Forum guides (guides about the forum itself and not GKC) technically break the rules, but still do exist to educate new users on the forums. Such things are PSAs, FAs, and whatever else. PSAs have a lot of meanings, but they have basically been outlawed, because they usually just restate the rules. PSA stands for Public Service Anouncement. FAs (Forum Announcements) are like PSAs part two. There’s not much different. I do not think new users should be making these, and neither should most older users. PSAs can sometimes have to do with gimkit, which is fine.

There are tags for guides, but you can find those out for yourself…

So, conclusion:

Guides have a lot of “rules”, but they’re there to make sure that there is effort, quality, and love in guides. People on the forums aren’t lazy guide-pumping machine, and you need to make sure that every guide you make is fun, maybe interesting, and not a clone of like 7 different ones.

Anyways, that is it for guides, and now…

(continue in the actual guide)

Does anyone like this?


Yeah, do you mind if I add it to my guide, I would credit you



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Hey @Crimson_Knight, I looked at the guide, and I saw the black cat. It was super easy, something I can do as a beginner, and I might use it for my Halloween map as a jumpscare!

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Layers are useful for erasing in GKC, and for making sure that this is on top of that. However, they don’t work well, and right now, my trees on the primary layer are always below the player, and sometimes when I move something up, it goes down.

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Yeah, but right now it is the best solution if you want something to look 3d.

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This is a really cool guide thanks @Crimson_Knight !

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