The Ultimate Guide To Gimkit Baseball🟨

The long wait is here finally it’s here baseball to GKC. Today I will be teaching all the mechanics so get ready for some home runs. Also this would take a lot of planning to do with people so this might be really hard to play with random people without giving instruction.

Note this uses 12% memory or more depending how you do it. Also do these in order.


I have a guide on this so check it out
A Short Simplified way of hitting in GKC Baseball
Wait don’t leave I got to explain how this works. This works by making a randomized gadget system and the better the weapon the better the hit,


Pitching is very much the same as hitting So here are all the differences by the way put the overlay at the top right. name pitch and make it so when player enters pitching mound show overlay
So for the wizard wand that is your bad Item it will be the first word like this WwandC so the first word is W the second word is wand the third word is the rarity in one letter here the code.

Ball physics here are all of the physic


That is it for the pitching if you want to add a damage boost then do it.

The art part

How the field should look here are two picture.

How the dugout should look.

Strike zone and ball system

Put three counters and make them all have a target value. The first one aka strikes put the target value to three. The second one aka ball makes the target value four and for the outs make the target value three.

Make the strike counter increase when receiving on strike and for the ball counter when receiving on ball and for outs when receiving on out.

Resetting the counter
Put a wire repeater on all of the counters wire the counter to the wire repeater and wire repeater to the counter to rest the counter.

Put a ball capture device behind home plate make it transmit when the ball enters zone Strike do the same thing with getting ball but instead make it transmit on ball. and wire the strike counter to the out counter. so when the strike counter target value reaches increase counter.
For foul balls do a capture zone and make it transmit on strike and put it where the foul zone
Here are the pictures Don’t mind the counter in the middle. Yet

How it works so whenever the ball reaches the capture zone it referred as a strike and fo the ball it’s at the ball zone

The base mechanic

Put three capture ball devices around all of your base and make them inactive at the beginning of the game. make first base be active when the player presses the pitch over from the pitching part.

put a zone where the first base is and wire it to the ball capture device at second base

Wire all of the zone inside to the Capture ball device

Now do that for all of the bases.
Now put to speed modifier put one of them at 0 speed and the other at 1. Wire the one at zero speed to all of the player zone on the bases.

Now use the hit overlay from the hitting part to wire to the 1x speed modifier

That is a little confusing so what. Here is what this all does the ball capture zone are supposed to resemble when the ball is thrown there player out but it inactive because you don’t want the pitcher to be able to throw at any base and get you out right. So the first one becomes active when hit the overla is pressed so by doing that activate the zone. and when you reach there the zone is not active anymore.

Stop when you reach zone.

How to score

Make the score type properties and make a property like this

Put two counter and make them like this

Make sure the scope is put another one exactly like that. for home run use a capture ball device and make it transmit on HomeRun.

put a zone about where you’re about to enter home plate here a picture

put a barrier and make it active on game start and make the active scope player. use the zone that when you leave third base deactivate barrier and wire that to both counter.

This work by the counter increases every time the player enter zone and when the counter increases so does the property.


Use @getrithekd guide

Movement Engines

Final part

Yes there are so much things to be added, but you won’t learn if you just follow a guide use everything today you learned to make it better all the possible is in your hand with a guide you just learn that one thing but if I teach you the mechanic and not everything you can surpass what possible or not. Use this to make our community better.


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