[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide To FNAF 1!

I tried searching that up but its still so confusing

I guess I’ll just have to watch the movie

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100 replies (this guide is cracked!!!) :smiley: :partying_face:

heres a quick summary:
You’re a security guard at an abandoned pizzeria, and the abandoned animatronics are possessed. Hence, the animatronics try and kill you. the only way to stop them is by closing the doors to your office. but you have limited power, so you can only close the doors when necessary. (there are also cameras, to help you see where the animatronics are, but that costs power too.)

also, the movie came out after the first game.

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Do not watch the movie no lore this is off topic what do you need help on.

Okay, thanks @speedy_kd4! That explains a lot of the other guides!

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Chica jumped scared me so hard that I Bumped into this guide


I bumped into this!
Love the guide! Love FNaF!

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Just your name itself proves it :slight_smile:

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Just curious,


no XD
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When mangle pulled a sniper and jumped onto a g named Jeremy and L-Bozo’ed his frontal lobe. Or was it foxy? Because the Crying child’s death was the bite of '83. So, yeah, I’m right.

Uhhhhhhh I was joking… I know what the bite of `83 is. That line is a Markiplier quote.
(Other than that lets stay on topic)

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I love how this guide block code just doesn’t need picture it so easy to understand

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Bumpity Bump Bump because this is a great guide

it’s not just a good guide, it’s “The Ultimate Guide”

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