The Ultimate Guide to Emojis, Their Meanings, and Their Use in the GKC World

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Welcome to another guide! I’m sure that when you saw this, you were like, “What is this?”, “How is this going to be useful?”. To be honest, I only made this guide because I knew that I used a lot of emojis in my gimkits, and that is very useful. Okay, first of all, this is going to be a LONG guide. Why? Because there are SO MANY EMOJIS!!! Don’t worry, I’ll only put the ones that actually might be used.


Emojis have many uses. They can be used to represent characters, and decorate and make art in GKC. List will be below!

Emoji Website:

Table of Contents:


Smileys and Emotions Emojis

Smiling Faces

Emoji Name Use
:grinning: Grinning Face Happy!
:smiley: Grinning Face with Big Eyes Happier!
:smile: Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Real Happy!
:grin: Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes Oh yeah!
:laughing: Grinning Squinting Face Laughter
:sweat_smile: Grinning Face with Sweat Relief
:rofl: Rolling on the Floor Laughing Hahahahahahahaha
:joy: Face with Tears of Joy We won!
:wink: Winking Face Wink!

Face with Hands

Emoji Name Use
:thinking: Thinking Face Hmmm…
:saluting_face: Saluting Face Aye, Aye!!!

Neutral and Skeptical Faces

Emoji Name Use
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Face with Raised Eyebrow Are you sure?
:face_exhaling: Face Exhaling Ugh…

Concerned Faces + Negative faces

Emoji Name Use
:slightly_frowning_face: Slightly Frowning Face No!(Disapproval)
:sob: Loudly Crying Face NOOOOOOOOO!!!
:triumph: Face with Steam from Nose ARGH!!!
:rage: Enraged Face . . .
:angry: Angry Face ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
:disappointed: Disappointed Face Wow, really?
:cold_sweat: Anxious Face with Sweat I’M SCARED!!! HELP!!!
:scream: Face Screaming in Fear HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!

People and Body Emojis

Emoji Name Use
:ok_hand: OK Hand Okay!

And yes that was short…

Animals and Nature


Emoji Name Use
:wolf: Wolf WOW is here!
:dog2: Dog Dog Park? Dog?
:cat2: Cat CAT/Run it’s the COPS!
:rabbit2: Rabbit Fast/Accelerate/You’re Fast!


Emoji Name Use
🪽 Wing Fly!


Emoji Name Use
:evergreen_tree: Evergreen Tree Near the Pine Trees!
:deciduous_tree: Deciduous Tree Near the trees!
:palm_tree: Palm Tree Near the Palm Tree!


Emoji Name Use
:turtle: Turtle Slow Down!/Slowpoke!
:dragon: Dragon DOD!!!


Emoji Name Category Use
:military_helmet: Military Helmet Objects-Clothing When you’re at war in your game-Gimsolver


Well, that’s probably all of the most used emojis here! Thanks for reading! (Or skimming :frowning: )


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