The Ultimate Guide to Dealing Player Damage

This is a very rudimentary guide about all of the ways you can possibly damage a player in GKC and how customizable it is. I will also rate the damage method on a scale of 1 - 10 based on customizability and applicable situations.

Player to Player / Weapon to Player

This part is essentially common knowledge. A player can damage another through weapons with weapons dealing amounts kinds of damage. A full table of the damage amounts of certain weapon was posted by @JoeTheChicken
[📜] The Ultimate Guide for EVERY WEAPON
Player to Player damage is only really applicable in situations where you want the players to attack each other in games like battle royale or capture the flag. Damage is also limited to the set damage values for the weapons

Customizability (5)
Applicable Situations (7)
Overall (6)

Laser to Player

Screenshot 2023-10-24 205945

Laser to Player is a Highly versatile system with fully customizable damage numbers. The few downsides of this is that Laser to Player is immobile reducing the applicable situations. This form of damage is used in landmines or one way out games.

Customizability (10)
Applicable Situations (7)
Overall (8.5)

Sentry to Player / Weapon to Player

Screenshot 2023-10-24 205627

Sentry to player is another form of Weapon to Player damage similar to Player to Player where the damage is limited to the weapon. A sentry is a AI player that attacks the player using a weapon. This is only applicable in a few games with boss fights and other things due to sentries being immobile.

Customizability (5)
Applicable Situations (3)
Overall (4)

Pseudo Health / Negative Health Granters (Concept)

I will not go into detail on this as there is already a guide on it by @I-am-helpful featured here:
Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: 🟩)
The idea is a separate health separate from the GKC health allowing you full flexibility allowing you to grant negative health on the go. This can be used in poisonous fogs in battle royale and any other situation where damage is needed. This system lacks in the feel of taking damage though without the damage indicators such as the screen turning red or blue.

Customizability (10)
Applicable Situations (10)
Overall (8)

Unfortunately, Negative health granters do not exist meaning that we cannot customize health completely freely.

Overall there are several great ways to deal damage to players. The best choices for damage are Player to Player or Laser to Player depending on what you need.


Nice! These are some pretty cool mechanisms!

Nice guide.


Also is it just me or did the laser beam look change with the new update?


I think it’s just you.

Yes this is an image of the two different styles of lasers now:
Screenshot 2023-10-24 205945

Hey, that’s cool!
Makes it look more sci-fi lol

Nice guide! It’ll help me on my newest map.

Het @PaddingtonBear are you going to make this an ultimate guide on dealing damage?

You should tag this tug (the ultimate guide)

Also, most TUGs use [:clipboard:] before them. I don’t think someone else should change this, cuz this is their article, but I was just wondering if they thought it was a good idea.

Hi there! Gimkit just added a new device called the damage modifier. It allows you to deal more damage! Why not add it to the guide? New Update: November 7th, 2023

How does this end up being an 8? Great guide! This is super helpful!


Sounds Good, I am working on testing some of the uses of the damage modifier and creating a table of damage.

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There are other factors such as PsuedoHealth just not having the “feel” of actually getting damaged that real damage does.

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Well technically, it’s the “damage booster” now.

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Yes damage booster will add more editing to weapons but we are still waiting for negative health granters. :slight_smile: